What I do

Video games

Writing jobs:
- 2011-2012: Beyond: Two Souls - Quantic Dream, Paris - for 4 months, I helped to write several scenes and find ideas for the game

- 2012: Ancient Aliens - Miguel Santos, Portugal (remote, indie project) - written dialogues and description

Translations / QA:
- 2013-2014: Editor/revisor - Gameloft, Montreal - translations from English to French and proofreading
- 2014: Entered the LocJam contest 2014, with a French translation of "The Republia Times", a game by Lucas Pope
- Linguistic tester - Enzyme, Montreal - QA testing and translations for WWE 2K14 - 2013

Personal projects:
- The War in Him, a Twine game - to be released in 2014
- Damsel In Distress Simulator, an idle game à la Cookie Clicker, for the RuinJam 2014
- I wish I had not played this game, a Twine IF for the TAG Jam in May 2014
The Final Countdown, a "debate simulator" developed with Ren'Py during the Insanity Game Jam 2014
- drOop, 2D platformer developed with Construct 2 engine - as a follow alonger of the Pixelles' Workshop. The game has been showcased during the "Montréal on joue" festival - 2014

Video games articles:
- "Who is the author of a game?" - Gamasutra featured post - 2013
- "Game narrative: thinking outside the lines" - Gamasutra featured post - 2014
- "Game narrative: some ideas about an associative storytelling" - coming soon 2014

Zou, Disney Junior


Animated series:
- Zou, Cybergroup Studios/Disney Junior. Written the "Tough Dough" episode for season 2 - 2014
- Boyster, Je suis bien content productions. Co-written an episode with Suaëna Airault - 2013
- Marcus Level, Mondo TV/TF1. Co-written two episodes with Suaëna Airault - 2013

Funan, le peuple nouveau
- Funan, le peuple nouveau. A feature film produced by Les Films d'ici. Co-written synopsis and treatment with Denis Do and Magali Pouzol. Winner of the Lagardère Foundation - 2011-2013

L'homme au sable
- L'homme au sable (The Sandman). Short film. Director/Artist: Laure Clemansaud-Madia - 2011-2013

- I have worked as a reader for the youth department of TF1 - French channel - for one year and a half. My job was to read, analyse and revise scripts for several animated series - 2012-2014

Les créatures de Jérémie


- Les créatures de Jérémie is my first children book, published by Canto Editions. Artist: Ideo - 2011

- I also wrote a French novel, Masques. It is now an e-book available for free - 2014

- I wrote a comic book series called Gong Ji, le moine fou for les Editions Fei. It was inspired by a Chinese legend. It has been canceled in 2013. I am still the owner of the story and I am now looking for another publisher and another artist - 2011-2013

Other projects:
- Clampin, a series of children books, starring a cute panda. Artist: Magali Paillat - 2014
- Les contes de Quinn, inspired by Vietnamese famous tales - 2013-2014
- Poison, a novel inspired by the famous Affair of the Poisons during the reign of King Louis XIV - 2012-2014
- Duel, sci-fi comic book series, co-written with Françoise Ruscak - 2013-2014

Honors and awards


Last update: May 2014
Feel free to contact me if you want to read any writing samples!

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