The War in Him - an interactive fiction project. (coming soon)
Writing test: The Mountain - horror (2014)
I wish I had not played this game - an Interactive Fiction game for the Arbitrary Game Jam. (May 2014)
Gamasutra articles: Game narrative: thinking outside the lines and Who is the author of a game? (2013-2014)
Ancient Aliens - a script for one of the scenes. (2012)


Aveugles - a 10' script. Co-written with Emilie Gredat. (2014)
Gong Ji, le moine fouScript written for the 1st volume of the series and a step outline for the 2nd volume. (2013)
Le long des rails - a 10' pitch and a full script. (2012)
La guerre des aliments - a presentation document for an animated series. (2012)
My writing test for Quantic Dream (2012) - English mindmap
PNN - presentation document for a TV show, which became a comic book project. (2011)

LocJam 2014 - a French translation of the Lucas Pope's game Republia Times. (2014)

"Congestion des échanges", a French poem. Winner of the Prix Lire Montréal in 2013.
Masques, a French novel. (2013)

Others - games:

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A French podcast I did on March 2014 about game narrative and a personal project, drOop -

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